Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That Kind of Woman

That Kind of Woman
I have been gone a long time, I am sorry for my absence in blog posts.  I was so busy with school, and work, basically just life in general there seemed to be little to no time to do posts, but not to worry, I have plenty coming and that’s a promise. Welcome to my new website for those recently switching over from rotatingcompass.blogspot.com! Note that I am still making changes to the website, but it is finally up and running. I have so much to tell, but I thought I would instead share with you something that I read today. It was a blogpost, something I think we all can relate to, and something that I would probably say myself. I too have blogs that I enjoy reading from time to time. There is one blog called That Kind Of Woman, which is one that I stumbled upon, and has become a personal favourite. I copied what she posted today because I don’t think I could even come close to saying it better myself. Sometimes we don’t always get it right, we make mistakes, we thought we knew it all but then we look back and everything seems different, but it is when we face our errors,  and try to fix them that we can see past all the bad. Sometimes life and love doesn’t make sense, but the flaws are all part of the ride. RC
Don’t hang out with people that push aside the bad and only demand the good from you. No one is perfect. No one gets it right a 100% of the time, but there are the people that try, and those people are the people that will look at your flaws and see beauty. They will see the fragile, the strong and they will appreciate you for both. They will defend you, they will share you. Those are the people that you need in your life. Not people that stand by and only share the best of times with you, they are selfish, indeed. 
Seek flaws, cherish them, because the combined perfections and flaws that make you up, are what make you exactly who you are. Improvement comes from yourself, not someone telling you that you should or shouldn’t be, do, or want. 
Good luck my friends, it’s a war and each day we win and lose battles with ourselves getting to the end. –That Kind of Woman

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Chaos Magazine.

Back in October I assisted on my very first photoshoot with the talented Yvadney Davis (Wardrobe Stylist), Kelly Jill (Photography), and Taylsia Ayla ( Make-up artist and Hair Stylist) for Chaos Magazine. This is it. How beautiful is this editorial??! I am once again so proud that I have had the privilege of working with these extremely talented people in Vancouver. Check out the magazine here for more. If you haven't found me on Facebook I have a new page check it out! This is just a quick post today, I have finals coming up.. eeekkk only one more term till freedom! I am working on a few styling projects of my own which I can't wait to share with you all once they are published. Has anyone become addicted to Pinterest like I have? I would pin all day everyday if I could, just saying..it's awesome, you should join the party, it has led me to some of my new favourite blogs. Happy Tuesday! JC

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

 International Women's Day.

Happy International Women's Day to all you beautiful ladies out there! This is my tribute post to all of us. I am only leaving you with this quote from the wise William Henry Channing. Live with content. JC

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Red Pants

                              Modern Hepburn

My Red Pants

So incase you haven't noticed, red pants are a huge trend this Spring. I invested in my first pair of coloured pants last week and I must admit  I'm in love. I am now addicted to Pinterest, and browsing through I found two new blogs that were pinned for red pants and I decided to feature their photos on my blog. I have added these two to the very long list of my already favourite blogs and I suggest you check them out as well. Both have stunning photography and are inspiring in their own way. Thats what I love about blogs, it's such a way of self expression, who cares if there are millions it's the fact that no matter how many people read what you're saying. You're putting your thoughts out there and if someone is left inspired by either the message, idea, or both then thats great, but the point --for me at least-- is just to make sense of things that are personal through a photograph, a thought put in writing and sharing it.JC

pants: american eagle

"If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for."
Thomas Merton

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magpie Darling Magazine

Magpie Darling Magazine.

Finally we all get to see the beautiful photography by Matthew Burditt in Magpie Darling Magazine. This is the editorial that I worked on a couple months ago as a assistant stylist with the clearly incredible stylist Yvadney Davis. This is yet another reminder of colour for the upcoming season. It's like Balliwood meets Blake Lively. Be bold this season is my advice. 
The Indian Couture from Lotus Eye, designer Mita Naidu, has created pieces that are edgy and contemporary. I hear the streets of London calling. Yvadney combined her pieces with garments from Spring 2012 BCBG and more which created this unbelievable editorial. Our makeup artist Talysia Ayala had a specific goal in mind : to inject and create a vibrant face with bold colour and a strong cheek.   I am so proud that I was a part of this gorgeous editorial, it has left me breathless and inspired. To view more from the London based magazine, Magpie Darling Mag or to buy the magazine for print or download click here. I hope you all enjoy and love these as much as I do. Watch out Testino, Burditt is on his way. JC

Photography by Matthew Burditt 
~from Magpie Darling Mag.
Model: from Liz Bell
Stylist: Yvadney Davis
Assistant Stylist: Jessica Clark
Makeup Artist: Talysia Ayala
Hair Stylist: Talysia Ayala

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pastels for Spring

Pastels for Spring

With Spring closer then you think it is that time again to bring back colour to the wardrobe. Sugar and Spring and everything nice right? I feel as though this season will be a new favourite and I know this isn't the first time I have said so. Add a touch of pink or a pastel blue to a Spring outfit and you're set. These new pink pants have become a staple piece for me and I bet you can't guess where I found them. Happy Shopping. JC

Blazer: H&M 
 Pants: Winners
                Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: The Gap

photos by D.F