Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Magpie Darling Magazine

Magpie Darling Magazine.

Finally we all get to see the beautiful photography by Matthew Burditt in Magpie Darling Magazine. This is the editorial that I worked on a couple months ago as a assistant stylist with the clearly incredible stylist Yvadney Davis. This is yet another reminder of colour for the upcoming season. It's like Balliwood meets Blake Lively. Be bold this season is my advice. 
The Indian Couture from Lotus Eye, designer Mita Naidu, has created pieces that are edgy and contemporary. I hear the streets of London calling. Yvadney combined her pieces with garments from Spring 2012 BCBG and more which created this unbelievable editorial. Our makeup artist Talysia Ayala had a specific goal in mind : to inject and create a vibrant face with bold colour and a strong cheek.   I am so proud that I was a part of this gorgeous editorial, it has left me breathless and inspired. To view more from the London based magazine, Magpie Darling Mag or to buy the magazine for print or download click here. I hope you all enjoy and love these as much as I do. Watch out Testino, Burditt is on his way. JC

Photography by Matthew Burditt 
~from Magpie Darling Mag.
Model: from Liz Bell
Stylist: Yvadney Davis
Assistant Stylist: Jessica Clark
Makeup Artist: Talysia Ayala
Hair Stylist: Talysia Ayala

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