Monday, February 6, 2012

Let You Go

Let You Go.

I bought this book the other day for a friend, it was called "The Power of Kindness"-- and no, I didn't buy it for her to be ironic. It was just something I saw on a half empty shelf and thought she might want to read it on a sunny day.  I had read a few pages about forgiveness. It kinda talked about living in the present moment, saying how the lives of those who are unforgiving become a permanent sullenness, a silent protest. Time does not exist in the unconscious: the past is a living present. That made me think about my life, and the things that I still hold onto, that I still seem to relive again and again. I know everyone has those  "things".. it's a memory, faded or not it's still there. You almost try to feel jaded just to take away the bitterness you still seem to feel even years later. Let me tell you though it will wear you thin, and you'll always be looking for a way out. Feeling sorry for yourself or angry towards that "thing" doesn't give you the strength to press forward. So what I say now is take that moment,  and say to yourself that you are not going to relive that moment anymore, you are going to to say goodbye. You can let it go now. You can forgive so that a new faith can begin. A new moment, with clarity.  Say it; You can go now, I let you go. JC

jacket: H&M
boots: Michael Kors


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    1. Thank you! Burberry was a special Christmas gift for me this year. Loving Fashion Fractions. Thanks for following! I will follow back :)


  2. Love your bag! You look beautiful. So glad I found our blog :)


    1. Aw thank you, yes I quite like it. Thank you for following!