Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fall'ing with Burberry

Fall'ing with Burberry

London Fashion Week. I know this is not a usual posting for me, but I wanted you all to have a look at what I follow. It is LFW and the Burberry show was obviously the highlight of the season. It was held in a huge tent in the Kensington Gardens and my what a pretty show it was. Made me excited for Fall and it's not even Spring yet. Designer Christopher Bailey held true to his outerwear reputation; it was all about the coats. Every style: trenches, bombers, field jackets, riding jackets and every fiber: wools, tweeds, gabardine, herringbone, corduroy. Mostly a neutral colour pallet--which as a lover of pastels, beiges, and overall a wardrobe of neutral colours this made me fall in love. But what actually made look twice besides the floating umbrellas, and the pretty bow details, were the gloves. Did you see the gloves? Embellished to look like (in my mind) a skeletal appearance. Those are added to my Christmas list..yes for 2012. Take a look at this video that highlights the beautiful show. JC


photos by Burberry Instagram


  1. Gorgeous! Love this collection!


  2. Absolutely beautiful!
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    Fashionhypnotised girl

  3. Burberry is one of my faves. One of my goals in life is to buy a Burberry trench! Such a gorgeous collection.

    1. Same here! Perhaps when I get to London I'll be forces to splurge.