Sunday, May 15, 2011

White Beaches.

So long Mexico. Reality here I am. There's something about white and beach hats that I just cant get enough of this Summer. xo JC

dress: zara
belt: zara
hat: banana republic
shoes: italy vintage

photos by J

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Fixed. I figured out a way to fix the camera! Today we went  into town and walked the streets of Puerto Vallarta. I honestly thought there would be more celebration in the streets then what we saw. I bought so much jewellery already, it's so hard to resist. plus a blanket here and a hammock and some hand painted shot glasses.  I only have two more days left then it's back to Canada..burrr I get cold just thinking about it. xo

dress: wilfred
shirt: urban outfitters
shoes: michael kors

photos by J

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ven a México


Hola amigos. México has been amazing so far. Puerto Vallarta is a dream. or un Sueño as the Spanish say. The saddest thing has happened though, my camera is only half working, I've lost probably 200 photos, I still have plenty, but many of my favourites have been deleted and I am still trying to figure out why because my camera is working perfectly, but when I put them on the computer they are gone. I will probably get it fixed when I get home..fingers crossed.

I have gone parasailing, which was a first for me. I loved it, I was so high in the sky. The resort is beautiful and the food and drinks are amazing. My signature drink here isn't your typical drink, try gin, tonic lime and cucumber and you might just understand. Speaking Spanish has been so good, I just love this language, for those who don't know I can speak Spanish. I can't wait to show all the jewellery I've bought.

Stay tuned. xo

photos by J