Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Monday

Hello Monday.

I have just finished my first term of school! 3 more to go. I cant believe how fast time goes when you're busy. I have been working a few fashion shows, one last week for Blushing Boutique, and now this week I will be working for Wear Else on Tuesday. I am happy to say that I am now assiting Yvadney Davis for styling! I am very excited to get started working with her she is a fantastic stylist from Central St. Martins in the U.K. have a look at her work here it is honestly amazing I feel so lucky to get a chance to learn from such talent.

On a random note;
Have you ever woken up to rain on your window? Well considering Vancouver is known for rain I feel like I'll  be waking up to it a lot. This being said though it doesn't mean you can't find beauty in the rain. Look at this city, that's real life my friends, even on a cloudy rainy "miserable" day there is always something beautiful. I am sitting, listening to rain and to Pete Murray..if you haven't heard the song So Beautiful, you should..especially when it's raining, or Amos Lee, but again..when it's raining. Mondays are usually people's least favourite day of the week, but my trick is to wake up and make the best breakfast, and have the best cup of coffee (because lets face it coffee makes everything better) then Mondays don't hurt so bad. When it's raining it doesn't mean fashion goes out the window either, it's cute rain coats, comfy sweaters, rain boots, my favourite knit hats, and most importantly a 'fashionable' umbrella, I kinda just love my bright bright bright pink umbrella from Holts. 

My friend sent me a quote the other day and I feel like I needs to be re-said just one of those things that make you stop for a second and think; "It seems to me now that the plain state of being human is dramatic enough for anyone; you don’t need to be a heroin addict or a performance poet to experience extremity. You just have to love someone."-Nick Hornby

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spring 2012

S'S 2012.

Spring 2012 is looking very neutral..and I LOVE it! These are couple of my favourite pieces from Mark Fast, The Row, and Antonio Beradi

Hope you love them as much as I do. JC

photos from

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Speak Now

Taylor Swift
So I went to the Taylor Swift Concert here in Vancouver. Guess what. The glove I am wearing in the photos..that's Taylor's..she came up to  me and my friend during the show, and looked at both of us, smiled, and handed us the glove and shook our hands.  Now for those Taylor Swift fans out there, if you have seen the music video Speak Now..that's the same glove from the music video. Can you believe it? I'm not going to lie that was definitely a cool moment in my life. Me and my friend basically went ballistic after, we kept screaming looking at Taylor, then looking at each other and screaming "OH MY GOD" then looking at her and screaming, then looking at the girls beside us screaming all while jumping up and down.. Yep ..we were those girls. I have to hand it to Miss Swift, that girl can put on one hell of a show. There wasn't a single thing about the concert that could of been better. I'm going to be super lame right now and quote "I was enchanted to meet you." JC

photos by Diana Franklin

Monday, September 12, 2011

These Boots Are Made

These Boots.

So I found these vintage cowboy boots, and I mean...I had to just justify them by how friggin' cute they were. Something like wearing my boots listening to some country and taking a road-trip with my girls and heading to the mountains. You know, I know cowboy boots are a hit or miss for fashion these days but I have a feeling they are going to have a big return this year. Just wait and see. JC

photos by Diana Franklin

Thursday, September 8, 2011

That Time Of Year

No I'm not talking about back to school..I'm talking about New York Fashion Week. And so it begins the Spring 2012 collections are hitting the catwalk in NYC at Lincoln Center for  8 glorious days of fashion. Oh I just can't wait to see it all. I'll be glued to my computer screen for the next bit. Grab a glass of your favourite bubbly ladies and gents, it's gonna be a good one. JC

Monday, September 5, 2011

Snake and Boots

These are the boots I wore in the Hair Feather post, but I just wanted to mention how awesome they are. Zara has them in this fall and they are just too perfect. I like the ankle boot with a long maxi dress or a pair of shorts, it switches things up a bit from the flats or heels you normally pair with outfits. The Snake Skin bag is vintage that I found at USED clothing store on Granville. If you like vintage shopping they have wicked items and are affordable too! Happy Holiday all you Canadians out there. Back to Uni tomorrow for the rest of you good luck this term! xo JC

Friday, September 2, 2011

Go Blonder

So I am one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars on their hair. That all stops now. With the John Frieda Sheer Blonde go blonder spray I can spare my bank account and my hair. To all you blonde girls out there..go get this!

ps Aritza wearhouse started yesterday in Gastown, if you havent gone yet go before it's too late! $500 jackets for $99, $200 sweaters for $24.99 and J Brand jeans for $19.99.