Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Speak Now

Taylor Swift
So I went to the Taylor Swift Concert here in Vancouver. Guess what. The glove I am wearing in the photos..that's Taylor's..she came up to  me and my friend during the show, and looked at both of us, smiled, and handed us the glove and shook our hands.  Now for those Taylor Swift fans out there, if you have seen the music video Speak Now..that's the same glove from the music video. Can you believe it? I'm not going to lie that was definitely a cool moment in my life. Me and my friend basically went ballistic after, we kept screaming looking at Taylor, then looking at each other and screaming "OH MY GOD" then looking at her and screaming, then looking at the girls beside us screaming all while jumping up and down.. Yep ..we were those girls. I have to hand it to Miss Swift, that girl can put on one hell of a show. There wasn't a single thing about the concert that could of been better. I'm going to be super lame right now and quote "I was enchanted to meet you." JC

photos by Diana Franklin

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