Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Carried" Away

So today was the first day of classes. This fabulous item of Jewellery I found hidden deep in my jewellery box and I believe it is my mother's..or my mother's mother's. Either way I could not believe I have had it all this time and never even worn it. It kind of reminds of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear..or perhaps that is only because Sex and the City has been on my TV constantly since me and my roomies discovered we have more then the basic 10 channels.  Another beautiful summer day here in Vancouver. Only more to come.  If you haven't gotten a chance to vote for me yet for the Nokia Style Correspondent Contest please help me out by Voting for me here. JC


photos by Haley 


  1. I'm sure Carrie would totally appreciate such a beautiful necklace, I know I do!

  2. Thanks Ladies, I will be checking out your blogs, hope you are willing to follow me! cheers!