Tuesday, June 28, 2011

old with new

Hello. So at last I have made it to my new home in Vancouver. During the 12hr drive I noticed this old forgotten tree amongst all this new green grass and I got inspired. This is a simple look really, nothing too fancy to say the least. But..it really is what all of us I am sure have done..paired up an old old old OLD pair of shorts with a new shirt. I bought this shirt from Zara not too long ago (hence the new) and it seems to be it's own version of a crop top.  Pairing it with my shorts, I quite like it, and it's so loose fitting it's perfect for summer even though black isn't always the colour of choice in the heat. I have found a new love for silver bangles. I know, I know, they never really went out of style but I replaced silver jewellery with gold for a while and now I'm in love with silver again. There is this new red lipstick from Mac, "you're only young once" as my mother always says so I thought I'd try some new bright colours instead of my beloved neutrals. 

So many exciting things are happening. I entered the Nokia Style Correspondent Contest and made 2nd round! Check out the photo that helped me make it! If you like it that would be such a help from all you beautiful people. Next step is to write 250 words on why I would be a great next style correspondent...if I win. I get a back stage pass to new york fashion week, a chance to interview some of the hottest designers and work with Elle Magazine and potentially have my work featured in an ACTUAL MAGAZINE. This would mean that I would actually get to say that I am on the right path and doing something right! So I have my fingers crossed and wishing that those 250 words prove my worth. 

I will keep you posted. All my love xo JC

shirt: zara
shorts: jeans
shoes: keds

photos by J


  1. I love the lipstick colour!

    Keep up the great work! Also, wanna follow each other? I like your style a lot!


  2. Hi Aina! thanks for the post, yes absolutely I'll follow you.