Wednesday, January 11, 2012



My teacher once said, "every opportunity we have to engage in dressing up we should grasp, since we are the makers of our own beauty" ending with a under-her-breath "Ahem--life is too short to wear sweatpants everyday." In class the other day I had another teacher ask me what I plan to do in Fashion and I told her I want to be a stylist and writer. She got us to write down a 5 year plan or goals for ourselves, have you ever done that? It seems silly at first but I got to thinking about it and when you write things out on paper ideas and plans seem so much clearer then before. It's almost like a guideline to your life. This one of course might of been a tad over the top considering I had to sign and date the bottom of it..I felt like I was handing over a pass-or-fail life contract or something. Nevertheless it made me think about all the goals I had set for myself since moving out to Vancouver, things I have been able to check off the list and things that I still need to learn. Time is so precious we really don't ever know what might happen or where life is heading. Makes me want to stop and remind myself not to take the little things for granted and to capture every moment, good and bad, and to learn from it.

I have some updates on my life.. My internship at Holt Renfrew has come to an end and what a great experience it was, I am so thankful for all the amazing people I have met over the past few months there. As some of you know, I am a stylist assistant to Yvadney Davis, a brilliant stylist from Central St. Martins. Her most recent editorial which I assisted on has been released with Famed Magazine check out the editorial here. The very first editorial with actual, real, 100%, legit credit for my assistance with my name on the page! The photographer Kelly Jill and makeup artist Talysia Ayla were both amazing. I have assisted on two shoots with them and they are extremely talented people in the industry. I just about jumped off my seat with the editor of Famed sent me a message with the link to it.

I am working on a few new editorials over the next couple months with the talented photographer Nina Pak hoped to be in Vigore Magazine. I am quite happy to do some work on my own and see the results. Half way through the week, School again tomorrow, and Whistler this weekend. Life is good. JC

 Dress & Shoes by Zara


  1. That's really exciting about the book cred - and on an unrelated note, I love that dress!

    Courtney ~

  2. Thanks Courtney~ yes I am quite excited about it. Check out Zara for that dress they still have them! Xx