Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My January

My January.

I have been on a bit of a break from my reality these last couple weeks. I have 3 photo shoots on the go right now and I am getting quite busy with school, on top of this I have been sneaking off to Whistler for the AMAZING snow they have. Im practicing my photography skills with my new Nikon D7000. Yep,  it's official I am in love with this city even more now with all the fun photos I get to take. January is a month that people reevaluate their lives. It is the New Year, it is a fresh start. But why do we end up in our routines once again by the time February rolls around, and why do we wait till January to decide we want to start doing something different? Who even said you have to do something different? Maybe not different maybe just better. So with this I say:  I will be better at blogging again I promise. This is just a photo diary of some random things I have been up to. I can't wait to show you more. JC


  1. Beautiful photos! Makes me miss living in Vancouver...

  2. Thanks Marie! You will have to come for a visit!