Monday, August 8, 2011

Wilfred~ Be Free


Aritzia Aritzia Aritzia Aritzia.  I have vowed countless times to stop doing ALL of my shopping at the nothing but famous store we all know we love. For those of you who haven't heard of Aritzia, they are a Clothing retailer for women that started in Vancouver BC. What started out as one little store in 1984, turned into 12 in Vancouver alone and 51 across North America. Aritzia's most recent store opening is in New York City and has been nothing but a hit among the New York fashion-ers. Even if you don't shop there, if you go in to their store, you secretly want something. I know I do. I cave evvvveeeerrrryyyy time. I say to myself..oh but if I just get this shirt it would look sooo good with the shorts I bought last week, and ohh but no one has this yet, if I get it first my friends can't get it (even though most of my friends and I have the same clothes..we literally just end up being lucky if we're wearing a different outfit, and laugh if we're wearing the same shirt only in a different colour). That's the catch though. We buy stuff from Aritzia, even though we know everyone else is going to have it. In Edmonton, the clothing wasn't as common due to the lack of stores but here in Vancouver..I can't walk a block without seeing at least one piece of clothing from there. Be in Wilfred, Le fou, TNA, Wilfred Free, A Moveable Feast, Community, T. babton etc...  Even The Satorialist spotted the trendy looks and snapped this girl in the very same shorts I'm wearing in my post (only in a different colour of course). People notice the outfits that come out of this store, they're good quality, flattering and trendy, and we girls want the exact same look for ourselves. But what is it about this oh-so-popular store that makes women elbow, push and shove their way through crowds to get that one particular item? What kind of spell are we under that causes us to wait in line for 15 20 minutes to try on clothes leaving with more then half of what we came in with and more then 3/4 of our pay check gone? Is is the quality? The popularity? The trends? The colors? The theme of the stores? I can't quite put my finger on it, but I justify it the same way I do my everyday morning Venti extra-hot-half water-half soy-semi sweet -chai latte that comes to $7.48.. it's just too damn good to pass up. Why put yourself through the anxiety and end up craving it for the rest of the day if you don't get it? Yep. Artizia you got me. JC

Lace top: Wilfred Aritzia
Hat: Wilfred Aritzia
White Shirt: Oak and Fort
Shorts: Le Fou Aritzia
Shoes: Kara

Photos by Blake 


  1. Omg I know EXACTLY what you mean! I'm hooked on Aritzia! My ENTIRE wardrobe is Aritzia and I'm still going back every week. I don't know what I'd do without that store. I just love it!

  2. I loooove this Jess! From head to toe! And I'm a huge Aritzia fan too, I just wish I could afford to shop there more often ; )

  3. VERY PRETTY!! nice!! :) like it :)