Thursday, December 1, 2011

rotating compass

rotating compass.

So I have been blogging for almost a year now and I have had some emails asking me a bit more about rotating compass. A common one I get is "why rotating compass?" another one I get is "where do you get your inspiration?"  So I guess I thought why not do a post and say a little bit more about me -Jessica Clark- and what is and why I started rotating compass.

First off, if you are new to my blog I should let you know that I am Canadian, originally from Edmonton but now residing in Vancouver, BC. I do freelance styling and writing and this is my personal style blog. My ultimate goal? As if I could ever really pick and choose because I just love this industry so much, but I want to be and editorial stylist-creative director if you will- and contributor for a fashion magazine..betcha' can't guess which one.  My personal style? I am the definition of girl I guess, I love girlie things; excessive jewellery, dresses, pastals and florals, I honestly can't wait for spring 2012  I feel as though this season will be my favourite because all the trends are so me. I like the boho chic at times, but I am no fashiontoast, I can't pull it off in every flawless way that girl does..but I guess I would label my personal style as feminine.  I am a big time fan of the fashionable 20s. Definitely the late 40s and 50s inspire me for a lot of my styling.

Some random facts, I have a love for photography, considering my dad is a professional photographer I suppose art and fashion has always been a part of my life. I really hate capital letters, I don't know what it is but I think names of things look so much cooler not in capitals, I's weird I duno why. This is why rotating compass is in lower case, just incase you thought I had bad grammar--I don't. British accents are my fav' I want to live in London and I haven't even been there yet. I have a dog, her name is Mia, which means mine in Spanish. She is almost 2 and I still call her a puppy, I am in denial I guess. Puedo hablar español, estudié en Peru y Ecuador. El verano pasado viví en España y estudié español allí tambien. Fue estupendo experiencia. I really love photos of flying birds, makes me think of freedom and fearlessness and I love that which is why my background is birds for my blog. I love Yoga and Pilates I go 5x a week and I do it just because it's awesome. I love coffee, I tried to stop drinking it, I can't, it's not happening, I'm over quitting it. I sing and play the guitar I made my first record when I was 5 singing Deanna Carter. My first "designer anything" was a marc by marc jacobs bag I bought in California with one of my best friends Allie for my 18th Birthday.. I now have 10.  Excessive? Never. Addiction? Maybe.

I called this blog rotating compass because I once found this old compass my Dad passed down to me in a old jewellery box in my basement, it was so delicate and old, it felt like I was finding treasure or something. Anyway, while I was coming up with a name I thought; what is fashion always doing? It is always changing right? Always changing its course, it is facing new directions and pulling inspiration from all points of the world. In the end it doesn't matter which direction fashion is facing, it is always going somewhere, it is always rotating, always turning around then going forward, fashion, is more like a rotating compass then you might think. This applies to life too, which is why I officially chose the name. In life, we always need a little guidance. We grow up changing our minds about who we are, and what we want in this life. Then we're grown up and we still can't make up our minds. The best part of living is that we get to set our own course in this life, and no matter what we are always going somewhere, we are the guides to our own rotating compass. Life is more like a compass then you might think.

Thank you for reading and following this blog, without your emails, tweets, and comments I wouldn't be here. I hope you enjoy. JC

"Look at us: running around, always rushed, always late.
.I guess that's why they call it the human race."


  1. love your blog !!! i hate capital letters too... i never use them ....
    hope to have a do over visit w u and your mommy in vancouver soon....when is her next visit? xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Thanks Pam! I believe in January she will hopefully be out, I am headed home for Christmas on the 16. If I am ever in Seattle I will get in touch and we can grab a coffee. xo JC

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