Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Vogue Collector

The Vogue Collector.

I have to admit, collecting vogue magazines has become a bit of an addiction. I cringe every time in class I see someone cutting or ripping out pages from the months I don't have in my collection. While I was in Seattle I went to the market and found an old vintage magazine shop with a bunch of old vogues. They cost a fortune incase you didn't already assume that. While browsing through I found an old familiar photograph of Jean Shrimpton by one of my favourite photographers, Richard Avedon.  This Vogue 1967 issue seems to remind me of the September issue Vogue 2009...  I guess it is true that fashion repeats itself, and yet, the only thing constant in fashion is change. What do you think? Original, Repetitive, or Inspired by.  JC

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