Monday, October 3, 2011



This brand you may have heard of already, it's called Chromat,  it is honestly one of those brands that you get excited about because it's just so frickin' is how the french say: avant-garde and how I say: legit. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, they are an NYC based label established in 2008. It's focus is clearly drawn from  architectural and urban design perspective of designer Becca Mccharen. In fact this lovely designer has studied architecture, which makes sense because of her structural clothing designs (just incase you missed that one). For one look that I particularly like, Chromat developed a clean and structured cage design for ones daring enough to wear it. These designs are "out there" some might say  but we don't all have to look like the fashion'er Lady Gaga to wear something a little edgier. *Ahem* for example..this lovely model Hannah, she doesn't exactly strike me as a person who needs to wear a "meat dress" after wearing this design... hopefully you agree. JC

 ---Shop for Chromat at the amazing Olive Shoppe

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