Sunday, October 9, 2011



Happy Thanksgiving!! I am finally taking a break from school for the long weekend. I am on Vancouver Island visiting friends and my family is visiting me from Edmonton. While driving we saw a pumpkin patch and I thought..."is there a better 'fall' photoshoot then a pumpkin patch?" my guess is, probably not.  

A lot has happened in the past few days! I am proud and extremely excited to say that I found out Friday that I am now an official Intern for Holt Renfrew in the Marketing and Events department. I was one of the few selected out of many applicants for this position and I can not wait to share with you what I will being doing. My first day is next Sunday so I'll have to wait and see what's next.  

I finished my first term at school and the second one is well underway! I am taking a fashion merchandising course right now and Thursday we went on a "field trip" to Robson Street..things got a little crazy and I ended up going shopping...kinda spent way too much money..I  blame my teacher, it's all her fault I decided. 

So about Pumpkins...I dont know about you but the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte with the pumpkin bread is probably the best thing of the season, when it hits the shelf it's like official that Fall is here. oh wait! and pumpkin pie...Thanksgiving dinner, some turkey (for everyone but me.. I am doing the vegetarian thing, I started 2 months ago, and I am not caving this weekend. I will be passing up the Turkey in exchange for maybe a bigger slice of pumpkin acceptable alternative.) Anyways I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend and I will be posting more photoshoots this week! 

Ps. Caution to anyone who goes into might end up spending your whole paycheck so enter at your own risk, no one warned me, hence why I got a little out of control with my sweaters. JC

sweater Zara
pants Zara
scarf Vintage
boots My Dads..seriously no joke I am wearing my flats inside them

photos by KJC photography 


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