Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tristee Coach


Tristee Coach.

So it has been a busy few days! I arrived back to Vancouver from Victoria on Monday Night. On Tuesday I received a phone call to assist at the Jeanne Beker event at The Bay Wednesday night. For those of you unfamiliar with Ms. Beker, she is Fashion Television's TV host and most of us have grown up watching her here in Canada. Not only does she have full backstage access to every Fashion week (living every girls dream) but she is in-fact celebrating the second year of her Clothing Line Edit-sold exclusively at The Bay. 

She said one this that stood out "The only thing constant in fashion is change" ...wise words I think that we all have heard in one form or another.   I got a chance to meet with her after the show and she was so down-to-earth. Without a doubt she has stayed true to her Canadian roots and we were all humbled by her sharing a bit of her journey with the audience. 

In other news..check out my new Coach Boots? New Fall/Winter favourite I think for the life out here in Vancouver. It's getting cold and particularly rainy out here in Vancouver and I was in need of a my first official pair of rain boots. I was browsing through the Coach catalogue and I stumbled upon these beauties. I ordered them asap from Edmonton at..The Bay. Bring it on rainy season. JC

Boots; Coach from The Bay
Bag; Marc Jacobs
Jacket; The Gap
Pants; Guess
Shirt; Wilfred

photos by J

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