Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vancouver Trend Report

Vancouver Trend Report.

So this week in Vancouver was dedicated to many things for me, but in particular..The Bay. Vancouver and Toronto are the only two out of 92 locations that have launched The Room. The incredibly restored, and newly renovated downtown Vancouver location celebrated in style for this store re-birth, ending Friday with none other then Flare Magazine's Editor in Chief, Lisa Tant ( second photo row one), and The Bay's Fashion Director, Suzanne Timmins (third photo row one)for a Fall Fashion Trend Report. The Bay is no longer The Bay we once new my friends. The Room lives up to the curiosity of it's name. Literally while walking through a luxury version of Alice's Wonderland you actually tend to forget where you are, and enter into a new unparalleled experience at a store I once would quite often pass on entering. Now I can't stop going in! They have over 70 new brands including a few of my favourites Balmain, J brand, and Alexander McQueen McQ. 

Wednesday I worked the event for Jeanne Beker (fourth photo row one),  and Friday I got a chance to go as press to the event instead and just enjoy the show. First off let me just congratulate the young lady miss Sarah Wong who won $1000 shopping spree..lucky girl (row one first photo). Lisa and Suzanne gave us the full Fall trend report and incase you haven't jumped on the trend-wagon yet, I have a few insider tips. I am sure 99% of you have noticed how fur is everywhere..for that 1% who hasn't, look up from your phone, and take a look around, I am sure you'll get the idea.  Well fun fact..they're saying it's a must-have for fall..I haven't decided how I feel about the fur situation yet. If you can pull it off with a great brown leather skirt and a turtle neck (*ahem-also a huge trends for fall atm),  then yay you... If you buy a massive fur vest and pair it with a ugg boots..well then lets just hope no one sees you. A while ago in the summer one of my best friends saw this gold sequence shirt I bought, and I remember her saying "oh god-I can't believe you bought that-I could never wear that-but maybe my mom would..." thanks girl you always got my back I know..but anyway.. Sequence shirts, sequence skirts, sequence sequence sequence, metallics, shiny stuff. It's in. I love love love x4 more love's the sequence skirt paired with the big baggy knit in the photo above, I plan on doing my own version of that one quite soon. Men's wear as womenswear is another biggy. We have been steeling our bf's shirts since the 1920's and it ain't stopping this Fall. Bright colours for suits will be huge for Winter RTW so pick a colour any colour..particularly red *hint *hint. Lisa said one thing and I am going to quote her; "think about colour, that's my one advice." Colour blocking and pattern is also a popular trend, taking a patterned skirt and pairing a difference patterned shirt will be seen a lot in the magazines..please be careful with this one, the last thing anyone wants to see is half neon orange and purple striped half floral and animal print outfit....just no. Fall is the season for layers, so pick your colours, find your sequence and get ready for winter folks.. the weatherman says it'll be a cold one this year. JC

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