Friday, October 14, 2011

Flare Magazine

Flare Magazine.

Flare Magazine is known for the latest women's high fashion trends, beauty tips, style advice, shopping guides, event news, photos, & videos and guess's Canadian. Just incase you didn't know that already. Tonight The Bay is hosting a Trend Reported event where I have the fabulous opportunity to meet the lovely Lisa Tant, Editor in Chief of Flare Magazine. The November cover of Flare features the talented Kirsten Dunst and as you can see Flare has featured other countless celebrities. One thing I love about Flare is even though they touch on current fashions both nationally and internationally their main focus is Canadian content ie fashion, art, music, and current events.  Living in Vancouver I love being able to flip through the pages of a magazine and pointing out places that I actually know where they are or events I have attended. It keeps you in-the-loop in Canadian fashion culture, and believe or not, what I have learned about the Fashion Community is that we are a lot smaller then you might think. Everyone seems to know some one who knows someone that worked for that someone else that did that get the idea. So what I am trying to get at is that if you start reading one of our fabulous Canadian Magazines you might actually realize that you know someone who knows someone that works for that place that was featured in a magazine. Like I said, you get the idea. Canada is catching up with the rest of the Fashion magazines out there and Flare is one major magazine leading the way. I am quite excited to meet the women behind all the stories tonight. JC

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